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June 3
Audrey Johnson -
Pittsford Library
Scavenge hunt revealed

April 15-May 31
Scavenger Hunt
in the Village

February 7
Maria Furgiuele -
Pittsford Library
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you-Tube video

January 10
Wayne Goodman -
Pittsford Library
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(Do you enjoy being a sleuth?)

Pittsford Village is composed of many diverse architectural styles and details. Some of them were original to the building when it was created and others come from additions of rooms, windows or wings. Most of the time we walk or drive by noticing the color, the materials or the design, but we don’t always see the smaller details that work together to create the beautiful architecture found in Pittsford.

Historic Pittsford is sponsoring an intriguing contest. Pick up an Architectural Scavenger Hunt poster at the Pittsford Community Library, Historic Pittsford’s Little House (18 Monroe Avenue) or download it from here. Take a walk in the village and see if you can identify the addresses of the structures shown in the photos on the scavenger hunt poster.

Once the addresses are all recorded, return the poster by May 31 to Historic Pittsford’s Little House or to the Pittsford Community Library in the box on the reference desk. Just a quick hint…the answers will be found on or around buildings in the village within a two-block area.

Pittsford Town and Village Historian Audrey Johnson will host a program in the Fisher Meeting Room at the Pittsford Community Library on Sunday, June 3 at 2:00 p.m. All the structures on the poster will be discussed, and the winner(s) of the architectural scavenger hunt will be announced at that time.