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For more than 30 years, Historic Pittsford has sponsored an award-winning program that provides free architectural consultation to homeowners. The program is named for Pat Place, a veteran member of Historic Pittsford, in recognition of her contributions and commitment to historic preservation.

This unique program, in partnership with Bero Architecture, makes expert advice available to assist homeowners in maintaining the architectural and historic integrity of their properties. The program includes an on-site consultation and follow up written report by Bero Architecture. Consultation may address exterior architectural changes, additions, restorations, and projects that require approval by town or village review boards. Projects requiring review should be addressed in the earliest stages. Basic structural problems such as water damage, roof leaks, and chimney and gutter issues may also be addressed. The consultation does not obligate homeowners for any future services.

Patricia Goodenough Place
Architectural Consultation Program



Historic Pittsford offers this program to owners of:

  • any property in the Village of Pittsford regardless of age.

  •  properties in the Town of Pittsford designated as historic landmarks or inventoried and eligible for designation as historic landmarks

  • any property in the Town of Pittsford built prior to 1902

Download Consultation Application Form


For additional information, please contact Bonnie Salem, Historic Pittsford Board Member, at: 586-2764 or email her at:

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