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The Flour Mill &
Grain Silo

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Bob Corby

Pittsford Milling Company

From the beginning of agriculture in Pittsford , growing wheat, oats and other grains was an important part of farming.  Because of that, milling happened in Pittsford for over 125 years.  The early mill in Pittsford was a saw mill that was driven by a natural spring. I n the mid 19th century that was replaced with a steam-driven mill and in 1882, a larger mill.  The mill  was known as the Pittsford Flour Mill and flour milling continued in Pittsford until the 1950s. The small one story wing on the west end of the building is the original office where the administration and billing took place. 


The current silo was built in 1937 as a continuous pour. It's 130 feet to the top of the penthouse and 90 feet to the top of the silos.  And this continued as both a wheat and bean wholesaling operation until 1996, when Mike Newcomb and Al Longwell bought it and had the vision to rehabilitate it for modern commercial use.


It was completely restored using historic photographs to get accuracy of the details. 

Between the two buildings there is approximately 24,000 square feet of office space.  


The process of simply cutting the openings for the windows and the glass elevator took over two years. The other challenge was putting in eight floors in there without puncturing the outside of the concrete walls, which are eight inches thick.  This was necessary to prevent frost and rusting of the steel that's located in it as a reinforced concrete structure. It's one of three silos in the United States that has been fully rehabilitated for a contemporary commercial use.

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