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Past Recipients of a Preservation Award

  • Jake Hoppa - for creation of the Auburn & Rochester Railroad Line mini-park off North Main Street.

  • Tim Romeo - for his work and dedication in the upkeep of Pittsford cemetery.

  • Ted Collins - for his work in preserving Schoen's Alley over many, many years.

  • David McNellis - for writing the book "Reflections on Big Spring - A history of Pittsford NY and the Genesee River Valley"

  • Beth Knickerbocker - for the implementation of educational activities that promote and support historic preservation.

  • Pittsford Fire Department - for the rehabilitation of the Wadhams Carriage House.

  • Pittsford Greenbelt Association - for its effort to preserve green space.

  • Paul Spiegel - for his published photo books on local history.

  • Paul Corsello - for his Eagle Scout project; organizing a team to clean up Lock 32 and publishing a pamphlet on the history and results of his effort,

  • Pittsford Carriage Association - for preserving the sport of carriage show and competition at Walnut Hill.

  • Stuart and Nancy Bolger - for the restoration of their home at 20 Monroe Avenue.

  • Bill Hill and Joe Maxey - for their leadership in obtaining public support to curtail the illegal emissions from Monoco Oil Company.

  • Glenn Brown - for the rehabilitation of his home at 25 South Main Street.

  • Mary Bodem - for her sixteen years of service as chairperson of the Village Planning Board.

  • William Webber - for his work to keep the Village a vital and attractive place in which to live. His leadership has been recognized by both the Village and the Town. He also is commended for his service on the Town Board for eighteen years.

  • Mitchell Pierson, Jr. - for his continuous advancement of historical and cultural preservation and his sponsorship of the reprinting of the book "Architecture Worth Saving in Pittsford".

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson - for their continued leadership and responsibility in preserving and maintaining the historic property and gardens at 84 South Main Street.

  • First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford - for the group effort put forth by George Foster, chairman of the Restoration Committee and his supportive committee members to improve and restore this important local historical landmark.

  • Michael Newcomb and Alden Longwell - for their private effort in saving and renovating the original Flour Mill - "The Grand Ole Lady" - on the banks of the present Erie Canal.

  • The Village of Pittsford Architectural Preservation Review Board - for their leadership, creation of public policy and educational activities that have advanced, promoted and supported hictoric preservation in the Village.

  • Pittsford Garden Club - for their efforts over the past three decades in preserving and maintaining the many historic public properties and gardens throughout the Village and Town.

  • St. Paul's Lutheran Church - for preserving this important local historic landmark.

  • Pittsford Cemetery Association - for their on-going preservation of this historic cemetery since 1842.

  • Karen and Paul Zackman - for their responsibility and restoration of the historically important property at 20 Rand Place.

  • Millie and Dan Traina - for their restoration of the historically important property at 45 South Main Street.

  • John Bero - for his leadership and responsibility for the preservation and restoration of historically important properties in the Village of Pittsford.

  • Patrick Pfeiffer - for his restoration of the fence surrounding Pittsford Cemetery, an important local landmark.

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