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Pittsford Village Historic Preservation

Print Resources at The Little House

  • History of Pittsford Barns; Barn inventories (1989, 1994, 2017-18)

  • Little House History

  • Paul Spiegel publications: “Pittsford Scrapbooks”, “Echoes of Old Pittsford”, “Stories of Early Pittsford”

  • Individual property historic resource surveys – village and town (1970’s)

  • “Architecture Worth Saving in Pittsford Elegant Village” by Paul Malo (1969)

  • “Pittsford: Images of America” series by Audrey Johnson and Vicki Profit

  • “Historical Markers in Pittsford” by Audrey Johnson

  • Copies of past Historic Pittsford newsletters

  • Various historical maps of Pittsford

  • Numerous newspaper clippings covering history of Pittsford

Other Sites of Interest

NYS Historic Preservation Online Course (Free)

Preservation League of NYS Resources

State Historic Preservation Office

Farmland Protection in NYS

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Henrietta Historical Society

Historic Brighton

Perinton Historical Society

Lima Historical Society

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