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Links & Resources

  • History of Pittsford Barns; Barn inventories (1989, 1994, 2017-18)

  • Little House History

  • Paul Spiegel publications: “Pittsford Scrapbooks”, “Echoes of Old Pittsford”, “Stories of Early Pittsford”

  • Individual property historic resource surveys – village and town (1970’s)

  • “Architecture Worth Saving in Pittsford Elegant Village” by Paul Malo (1969)

  • “Pittsford: Images of America” series by Audrey Johnson and Vicki Profit

  • “Historical Markers in Pittsford” by Audrey Johnson

  • Copies of past Historic Pittsford newsletters

  • Various historical maps of Pittsford

  • Numerous newspaper clippings covering history of Pittsford


Other Sites of Interest

Historical Societies:
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