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Preserving a More Complete History

Historic preservation is not just about preserving and advocating for historic buildings but also preserving, reexamining and contextualizing the stories of the people who inhabited these spaces, or whose voices and bodies were excluded. Preservation can open the door to these uncomfortable truths.


Historic Pittsford mourns the loss of George Floyd and countless other individuals who have died in violent acts that have all-too-often been tacitly condoned by our society throughout our history.  We are committed to humbly listening and helping to preserve voices of those who have been marginalized, not only those who echo in the halls and walls of our community.  When we speak of accomplishments, the stories we preserve should also acknowledge the actions of our predecessors that today we find intolerable.


We all observe the world subjectively through the lenses of our culture as shaped by the stories that we recount. Current events demonstrate the obstacles that we still need to overcome to reduce the violence that occurs in our society, particularly against individuals in marginalized groups. We preserve to help understand and spark the conversations and thoughtful reflection that will guide our path as a community. We look back thoughtfully to look forward together. 

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