Village Topics Speakers Forum

Spring 2018

Historic Preservation in the 21st Century
Are historic preservation and economic development mutually exclusive? Wayne Goodman, Executive Director of the Landmark Society of Western New York, explores ways that towns and villages such as Pittsford can protect their unique architectural and landscape heritage while they engage in planning practices that foster economically healthy, livable, and sustainable communities.

A Model for the Future: A 200 year-old village in the 21st Century

What are the opportunities for Historic Districts, such as Pittsford Village, in adapting to the changes of the 21st century? Maria Furgiuele, Executive Director of the Community Design Center Rochester (CDCR), will offer her perspective on 'design & planning strategies based on New Urbanism Principles for the Village's future. 

Emerging Issues in Transportation:
21st Century Opportunities for a 19th Century Village

What are latest trends and transportation challenges in an historic urban setting like Pittsford Village? And how can a Village promote walkability while managing traffic and parking at the juncture of State highways, three bridges and the historic Erie Canal?
Presented by Alex Kone, Assistant Director
Genesee Transportation Council

Rebooting a Vibrant Economy

While businesses of all types continue to adapt to rapidly evolving consumer shopping patterns, historic villages such as Pittsford are learning to leverage historic architecture and lively, walkable environments as catalysts for economic renewal and sustainable development. Hear the thoughts and experiences from a panel exploring business trends, challenges and opportunities for our local economy.

Laura Hackathorn, Hamburg, Village Trustee and Business Owner

David Woods, 
Geneseo, Town and Village Planning Board

Shaun Logue, Planning Associate MRB Group

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